Halfway Down

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I love when I have pictures that will take me back in time in an instant. These will certainly bring back distant memories one day. Tandy’s loveys and pacifier are supposed to be reserved for her crib, but we get pretty lax and allow them upstairs. She knows not to bring them downstairs. Every once and a while, usually when she’s tired, I’ll find her halfway down the stairs sneaking a little comfort from her favorite things.



I am instantly reminded of Avery’s poem she had to memorize for school.

halfway down milne leigh grant

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  1. So sweet!
    Thanks for sharing the poem (and pics)!

  2. Really cute and smart analogy you have found for the picture! I really like this sort of creative way of thinking. I like the poem and I'll try to translate it to Russian for my children. Thank you!

    1. Two great memories wrapped up in one. I hope your children enjoy the poem as much in Russian as mine have!


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