Denver 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last week we had an amazing excuse for a trip to Denver. As a military family we moved around a good bit while I was growing up, so I don’t have many childhood friends. In a dorm stairwell at Texas A&M, a junior high friend and I did a double take while passing. I can’t tell you how much that rekindled friendship (and the ones that flowed from it) mean to me. I’m a tad jealous of people like my husband that can say they have friends from kindergarten. But, back to Denver, we were there to celebrate the marriage of the girl from the stairwell I was talking about.

Downtown Denver was such a fun, energetic place to walk around. I loved this old building across from our hotel. So pretty in the falling snow.

Downtown Denver

We hit the slopes on Copper Mountain for a day. The other great gift about this group is how well our husbands get along. We’re already talking about more trips together in the future.

Ski Group

TC ski

You knew I’d have to include a few sweet stops while on vacation. File Santa Fe Cookie Company under delicious cheap treats. It’s a little hole in the wall that takes cash only that you stuff in a milk jug on the counter. Each bag in a buck. That’s 2 cupcakes or 3 cookies for $1! Can’t beat that!!

Denver Cupcakes

Sam’s No. 3 was at the corner of the block our hotel was on. We ate there twice for breakfast and once for dessert. It was that good! This one wasn’t mine, but I had to include a pic. It’s a chocolate cake flauta. Boy was it yummy and gooey and over the top.

Sams flauta

After eyeing the fresh pie for two days, I had to try one of their pie shakes. There’s a slice of blueberry pie blended up in there! I have to say it was a tad gritty, but the flavor was amazing.

Sams pie shake

Gogo and Gramps had their hands full with the kiddos while we were gone. I can tell those girls had as much fun as we did. We sure did miss them!

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