PR&P Week 3–Repurposing

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For me, there is something exhilarating about cutting into  fresh yardage to create something new. It probably speaks to the engineer in me that likes to create something that wasn’t there before. That being said, I’ve enjoyed the Project Run & Play challenges that involve repurposing as well. My goal is always to create something that you might never guess had a previous life. For this week’s theme I also tackled a couple of knock-offs from my Pinterest inspiration boards. I bring you my dressed up sweatshirts!

Repurposed Sweatshirts

Avery’s top is inspired from this Anthropologie shirt. In it’s previous life, the fabrics served as sweats and an eyelet skirt. My sister passed off a set of clothes that included this skirt for my sewing purpose. It’s pretty cool that she knows me so well!

B&A eyelet shirt

I started with the Oliver + S picnic blouse pattern, but omitted the gathered front and made the font and bodice one piece. Since I used knit fabrics, I swapped the elastic at the neck for gathers and the ribbed knit from the sweatshirt. I also added the ribbed knit at the bottom of the sweatshirt.

Anthropologie Eyelet Sweatshirt

As for the hat, Avery really got involved with this one! She helped pick the trims, stretch the knit strips to roll up, and sewed each of the 4 crown seams.


The pattern is the Lilygiggle Clementine Confetti hat. We’ve made it from super soft vintage chenille from an old bedspread lined in interlock knit with fusible fleece for warmth. I love the opportunity to round up all the old bits of trims to incorporate in the tails! I did manage to break a needle sewing those in, so thankfully Avery wasn’t at the reigns during that part.

Lilygiggle Clementine Confetti hat

For Tandy’s look, I transformed a pair of yoga style gauchos into a shirt inspired by this heart sweatshirt.

B&A heart pocket shirt

As soon as I realized the giant heart placement would be pretty low on this small shirt, it screamed “make me a pocket.”

heart pocket

Which suits Tandy just fine! I started with the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop’s Alex and Anna winter pj’s pattern. From there, I lengthened the sleeves to eliminate the cuffs and widened and lengthened the front and back pieces. I love the fit of this shirt and hope to make more sans heart pocket.

heart pocket sweatshirt

The details I wanted to be sure to incorporate from the inspiration shirt were the rounded hi-lo hem and the dip of the point of the heart off of the front of the shirt.

heart pocket sweatshirt

The good thing is these silly girls love it all. And, I have tutorials to go with both shirts in the works!

Repurposed Sweatshirts

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