The Outtakes from PR&P

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As you probably know, Season 8 of Project Run and Play has come to an end. (Congratulation to Karly!!) There was amazing inspiration from some seriously talented competitors, fantastic sew along submissions, and an actual win for my Let’s Go to the Movies look. The sewing part of PR&P is the easy part. Sometimes the inspiration part can take some effort, but the hardest part is always getting photos that present the work in the best light. Here’s a bit of the behind the “seams” from a few of the challenges.

Capturing bright eyes and beautiful smiles at the same time takes about a zillion shots.

PR&P Outtakes

Then there’s occasionally too much fun to be had.

PR&P Outtakes

What’s a photo shot without the chance to make your best goofy faces!?!

PR&P Outtakes

And finally, Miss Always in Motion decided to back right into the backdrop.

PR&P Outtakes

Liz and Elizabeth seem to have something up their sleeve to be announced today. Be sure to check out what they have in store for us next over at Project Run & Play.

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