Sewing a Pegboard

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One of my favorite features from the Sewing Party was the pegboard backdrop. It is literally so simple to stitch on a pegboard that a six year old can do it.

Sewing Party backdrop
There really are no rules to stitching on a pegboard so this is just a quick guide to how we did it. First, I laid out the location of the letters to center the word.

Sewing Party backdrop
Then, I lightly marked out the X’s in pencil to form each letter.

Sewing Party backdrop
Avery loves to be a part of the party prep, so she took over with a plastic needle threaded with yarn to form the X’s.

Sewing Party backdrop
We knotted the yarn on the back side to secure the ends and applied a little duct tape to hold it in place.

Sewing Party backdrop
The back is a bit of a mess, but the front…

Sewing Party backdrop

… is a work of art.

Check out my Pinterest page for a couple more unique pegboard stitching ideas.

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  1. Love your pegbard idea for the sewing party! I'm planning on using it for my daughter's 7th birthday party next weekend! Thank you for the idea.


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