Girly Circus Birthday Party

Friday, October 31, 2014

Everyone should do a circus birthday at least once! It's fairly easy, super colorful, and tons of fun. The dessert table is always the most exciting part for me and the kiddos, so I'll start there. 

So, this isn't actually an edible dessert, but it sure is a fun part of the display.

I couldn't resist the idea of putting cotton candy in the cupcakes!! I used this recipe, but topped them with my favorite vanilla buttercream.

Almost every kid reached for one of these marshmallow strong man barbells first!

My vintage Ferris wheel planter held circus peanuts, because you just can't have a circus party without them.

I always have to have sugar cookies. These toppers were made from Air-heads candy and a mini cookie cutter.

Cotton candy is yet another circus party must have. The push pop containers (affiliate link) give the perfect amount of portion control.

This amazing backdrop is actually a headboard my Father-in-law made for my husband when he was Tandy's age. He is amazingly talented!! Corn dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and grapes were the snacks of the day.

I loved getting to use all of the accessories I collected for Tandy's nursery throughout the party. 

Circus party favors became "prizes". We didn't set up the games as a competition, so everyone was a winner. We offered animal cookies, clown noses (affiliate link), temporary tattoos, and elephant lollipops.

We set up a few carnival style games for activities.

The face painting was by far the biggest hit.


 We contemplated all different methods for our balloon pop, from darts to rigging the board with something sharp to pop the balloons on impact. In the end, my husband set a timer for each kid to pop as many as they could by sitting on them. The kids loved it!

Todd also constructed a kid friendly tightrope.

Bean bag toss, 'nuf said.

The smallest ones had a little trouble with the ping-pong ball and water gun station, but it was fun none the less. 

In the end, it was a very happy birthday for Miss Tandy.

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