Tandy the Clown

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

As I indicated in the last post, Tandy will have a circus birthday party this year just before Halloween, so a costume fitting the occasion was in order. Perhaps there are a few too many photos, but I just couldn't leave any of these out!

I used the Modkid Bailey romper pattern to create the look. Sans the accessories, it will just be a colorful romper for next summer. The shorts portion of the romper is knit fabric adding even more comfort to the look.

The accessories bring it all together. I used spray glue to attach fabric to card stock to form the clown hat. The yarn pom poms are tacked onto the bodice of the romper with a needle and thread for easy removal later.

I'm hoping the large pom poms survive the party for Halloween night.


I love how this photo captures so much of Tandy's personality. Sweet, cute, and a whole lot of spunky.

I'll be including this with the signature style week at Project Run & Play. I know it's not what you would normally consider signature style, but if you browse my Halloween posts, you'll notice my trend of creating costumes with outfits that can be used beyond the season.

Be sure to come see what we have in store for some Halloween fun with Modkid patterns.


  1. This is so sweet! I love the Bailey and I love sewing costumes, so naturally, I love it. Great work!

    1. I only have a couple more years for Bailey's to fit my daughter. I'll be sad when she's too big!

  2. I made a costume too for PR&P. I foresee a fabulous birthday party with her new outfit! http://xoxograndma.blogspot.com/

  3. oh my, that romper is gorgeous!!! I love it!!! The whole costume and theme are just lovely!!

  4. The outfit and your daughter are both adorable! And I'm totally jealous that you can wear shorts on Halloween :) Some years we have to wear snow pants to stay warm!


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