Bundle Up - Modkid Rachel

Friday, January 23, 2015

Today is the day you can finally purchase the Modkid Rachel dress as part of the Bundle Up pattern collection!! 

This was my second Rachel dress during testing after some fitting changes were made to the pattern. I opted for the long sleeves with a regular neckline instead of the mock turtleneck.

The other day Tandy was insisting she wear her long dress. (I'm pretty sure you can visualize what I mean when a 3 year old insists!) It took a while, but I finally figured out that she was referring to this dress. (Not sure where the long part comes from.) It turned out that she wore it several times over the weekend with her grandparents. That's love I tell you!

The gray dot knit is from Joann's, and I just love the quality. The navy ruffle is actually from an old pair of leggings that happened to have a hole in them.

The Rachel Dress pattern will be available on it's own after the bundle sale at regular price. I highly recommend taking advantage of the sale, as there are so many great patterns.
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