KCW: 50's Look

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I admit it; I'm a little crazy. There, I said it, so it's out of the way. Avery has Spirit Week next week at her private school where they normally only wear uniforms. Spirit Week involves a different theme each day where kids can "dress up". Monday is 50's day. So, Saturday I started thinking about her outfit. We were planning on a cardigan with rolled up jeans and bobbi socks. Done! Well, I just couldn't leave it alone!

Suddenly, I was grabbing an old gingham tunic of mine and thinking about how it would make a cute skirt. And, how that would fit in so well with the Upcycle theme of Kids Clothes Week. Then I was thinking about my favorite cardigan pattern, and that I could probably make one out of an XL sweatshirt from Walmart. You guessed it. Once it was in my head, I had to make it happen. It doesn't scream 50's which is just fine with me, since I want her to wear more than just the one day.

I chopped off the bodice from my tunic and made a simple elastic waist skirt. Then, I made an Aster Cardigan using the XL sweatshirt. The cardigan is a size 8 and fits my 6 year old perfectly, so I would suggest sizing up unless you are using stretchier knits which the pattern does not recommend.

I used the faux piping option for the collar, but I only used a thin jersey knit for the under collar. With the thickness of the over-collar, the "piping" barely peaks out, but I'm still liking the effect.

I've admitted before, that I don't normally enjoy upcycle projects. When you are as limited as I am with fabric store options and you need a quick fix, an upcycle is just the ticket. It's just a bonus that the whole outfit cost $5. 

So other themes for the week are favorite book character and favorite sport / athlete. Who knows what we'll come up with for those!!
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