Mississippi Snow 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

I may be stating the obvious, but we don't get a ton of snow in northern Mississippi. What we do get is a whole lot more than I got living in Texas. We thoroughly enjoyed our two snow days, so I have plenty of pictures to document it.

Tandy wouldn't hold still long enough, so I captured the snow angel attempt...

... and snow painting. We love to add liquid watercolors to a spray bottle for a bit of fun.

These two worked pretty hard to achieve the perfect snowman!

 Day 2 way just as fun.

Here's my attempt at a timer shot to prove I was there too!!

Ok, that was fun, but BRING ON SPRING ALREADY!! This Texas girl is ready for some warmth to go with the sun!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Snow in the south is such a novelty -- there's no doubt the girls will remember these days and the fun they had. :)


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