Purple Modkid Malibu

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I fell head over heels for the Modkid Malibu last summer, and I know both of my girls need a Malibu for this summer. Avery will likely beg for a maxi, but the short version is perfect for Tandy. Patty Young's vivid knits make a perfectly comfortable dress. The Malibu can be sewn in knit fabric or woven, but I have yet to sew it up in wovens (or with the hi/low hem for that matter). What I love most about the Malibu pattern is the surprise as you....


....to the back!! A perfectly fun criss-cross without too much exposure.

Be sure to follow us over at the Modkid blog, because next week we'll be announcing a Malibu sew-along!! Every girl needs one in their summer wardrobe!

Psst: Have you seen the sneak peeks of the May Women's Bundle Up!?! You might recognize the little Malibu all grown up! 
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