City Stroll Wrap Skirt

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

As soon as Liesl posted the City Stoll Skirt for sale, I HAD to have it!! Thankfully, it was right before Mother's day, so I sweetly asked my husband for it as a gift. 

So many things came together for me from my weekend with Liesl at Craft South
  • Liesl wore her City Stroll Wrap Skirt during the event, so I knew I loved it in person.
  • I finally realized that waiting to purchase any other women's pattern until I had sewn the fit and flare style dresses I had fitted at Craft South was ridiculous. I wasn't sewing those, because I didn't have a real need for them in my wardrobe.
  • My measurements fell at size 12 for the waist and size 8 for the hips. (You could say I'm blockish or carry all my weight in my middle.) So, I had to use my muslin practice from Craft South and try to blend sizes. 

I'm still not sure I have the perfect fit, but it feels good on. A smidge shorter, maybe? I'm 5'-9", so I'm surprised if that would be the case. I just love the fit on Liesl! Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

The fabric is a tencel denim I picked up in Nashville. I can see this skirt getting lots of wear in the hot summer months. I guess it would be weird to have one in every color?!? I have a bright yellow stretch twill that might be fun.  I'm also eyeing the Maritime Knit Top and the Everyday Skirt. It's been fun branching out and sewing a bit for myself!


  1. Your skirt looks great, Courtney! The fit looks perfect, and I like the length too. This one is definitely on my list to sew soon. It looks like it could easily go from casual to dressy. I've been sewing a lot for myself lately too. You'd love the Everyday Skirt, I've made 4!

    1. What's your favorite fabric for the Everyday skirt?

  2. Thanks for posting your version on the Flickr page. I wasn't sure about this pattern initially, but your version is makes it more appealing.

  3. Your skirt looks great! I have it next on my list. I highly recommend the everyday skirt - I've made a gajillion of them and really need to branch out - thus, moving on to the city stroll!


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