Modkid Penny

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer started last week for us, and in some ways it snuck up on me. As I mentioned in my last post, Avery was diagnosed with ADHD this year. (They call everything ADHD now whether it is ADD or ADHD. She doesn't seem to struggle with the hyperactivity side as much as the attention side.) So, this summer it will be more important than ever to keep Avery caught up, or catch up, with school work. We're figuring out a routine, but this is all so new to me. I am not a teacher, and I have so much respect for those of you that are!!

So, what do these photos have to do with that? Absolutely nothing other than I haven't had time to sew much new lately. So, I'm posting something I sewed a while back, but had not blogged. 

Patty Young asked if I would be interested in sewing a couple samples for her and photographing the girls for an pattern cover update of the Modkid Penny. Whew, I had no idea how nerve racking it would be to try to photograph these two for a pattern cover especially without Patty by my side to achieve the look she envisioned!! In fact, half of the photos were taken in Mississippi and half in Texas. I did my best to provide options!

I don't know how cover worthy any of these are, but I'll certainly treasure a couple!

The Penny pattern is a paper only Modkid pattern (not available as PDF). It is one of the quickest patterns to sew, and perfect for a beginner ready to tackle sewing with knits! The pattern comes with a top and dress version and 3/4 or short sleeve options. The details don't stop there though. There are ideas for colorblocking and a bottom ruffle included. I sewed up a color-blocked short sleeve dress option and a 3/4 sleeve dress with bottom ruffle with a lettuce edge hem. As you can see, the fit is spot on as with all of the Modkid patterns I have sewn so far. All fabrics are Vivid Knits for Riley Blake.

 Thank you for scrolling through all those! Here is the final Penny Pattern cover with the Davis girls. We're pretty tickled!

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