Book Review: She Wears the Pants

Monday, June 8, 2015

When I received this book from Tuttle Publishing for a review, I admit I giggled a little at the title. She Wears the Pants may be an odd twist for a title, but I think the subtitled description, "Easy Sew-it-Yourself Fashion with an Edgy Urban Style," is valid. Inside, you will find the author, Yuko Takada, created looks "borrowed from the boys" with an offbeat appeal. But don't think it's all about pants!

The cover photo and the spread below features the Top with Epaulettes. I actually have this pattern traced out, so I'm hoping to sew it up sometime soon. It has a slouchy casual look, but fun widened sleeves and shoulder details.

I'm loving this boxy top too. I'm no fashion expert, but boxy does seem to be a popular style at the moment. This one seems so easy to wear too.

After this experience, I will not be making these pants. I respect the girl that can pull them off though.

They call this a mini dress, but I can see it worn tunic style with leggings and boots in the fall.

While I have yet to work with double gauze, this blouse looks classic yet fun in the polka dot double gauze prints.

Another popular style I have yet to embrace are the culottes.

My one complaint about the book is, while the photography is stunning, some of the items are hard to discern. With the black on black styling.... would never notice these details until you study the diagrams.

This is another unique top that is a bit hard to get a good visual on the final look. 

Here is the top from the cover image. As always, the instructions are minimal, but the diagrams are ever so helpful.

Don't run out and buy this book without first checking the size chart! As you can see these patterns are designed for smaller frames. My bust measurement would put me out of this range, however, by comparing some of the pattern pieces with ones I've already used, I've found many styles will still work. There seems to be a good amount of ease built in to the patterns.

One last look at the back cover. You can see that square top in the top middle photo.

The patterns are all housed in a folder inside the back cover. Keep in mind, you will need to add a seam allowance when you trace out your pattern pieces. Takada covers wonderful tips from preparing your fabric to sewing with stretch fabrics. So, have you made the leap to sewing for yourself using Japanese Pattern books?

I received the book, She Wears the Pants, for free from Tuttle Publishing. All opinions provided are my own. I will only recommend products that I would use personally and are good for my readers.

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