Neon Watercolor Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I am eager to take you on a little tour of Avery's watercolor painting party! Our party was full of DIY projects, and now that Avery is older, she participated in most of the preparation from the invitations and outfit to the table coverings. Her current favorite colors are light blue, neon pink, and neon yellow, so you will see that we used those colors throughout. 


We'll begin with the food and move on to the activities. We provided a couple of snacks including paint splatter sandwiches (PB&J) and paint chips (Cheez-its).

For the table covering, Avery and her sister, Tandy, painted coffee filters with  watercolors and glued them together.

Avery also painted the rims of the Chinet plates for perfectly coordinated serving.

We also served color wheel fruit cups from an easel.

As always, I went a little crazy with the sweets, but it was all just too much fun!



Avery and I also painted the fondant covered sugar cookies with tinted clear vanilla

I couldn't resist cake pops with paint brush sticks!

We even painted and dipped marshmallows to serve in a plastic paint can.

If you could only have seen the 'behind the scenes' on the color coordinated sprinkle cake!! There are probably sprinkles still lingering on the floor from this endeavor!

Of course, the interior of the cake had to coordinate too!

Some blue Koolaid completed the "sustenance" of the party.

Each guest went home with a bag full of their art, a paint palette, and paint brush. 

Now, let's move on to the activities. You may be wondering what colored pencils have to do with a watercolor party.  


These are actually watercolor pencils that will blend like watercolors when you add water to a colored surface. I printed these images directly onto watercolor paper for the artists to first color...

...then paint.

The next activity was something like musical chairs. The girls started painting, then at the sound of the timer, they moved to the next girls work and added to it and so on.

The salt paintings were the biggest hit. I had previously free-handed some images with glue and sprinkled them with salt. The watercolor spreads along the salt in an interesting way. Tandy was hard at work on hers. 

The birthday girl truly felt celebrated!

She had received an early birthday gift of a slackline which was also a huge hit with the party goers. It trumped the final free painting activity. 

All in all it was a super fun way to celebrate our creative daughter!!

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