Modkid Breeann

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Football season is well under way, so it's about time I sewed up some collegiate wear! Avery loves it when Todd takes her to Ole Miss for sporting events. She took a keen interest in women's volleyball at their last such outing. With her height, maybe we'll see her on a court some day.

For this shirt, I started with the Modkid Breeann hooded top, but I made a few changes along the way. The Breeann is sized for teens with a range of 8/9 to 16. I've generally been sewing size 7 for Avery with size 8 or 9 in length. To account for the teen sizing, I just increased my seam allowance a bit. The neckline ended up snug, but it will work.

I made two changes to the original pattern and wrote tutorials on the Modkid blog for each. 

First, I omitted the kangaroo pocket and swapped the waistband for a shirttail hem. She may not need it yet, but I like the asymmetrical look and the added bonus of more coverage. You can find the shirttail hem tutorial here

The next change was to line the hood. It's a super simple mod that adds warmth and an opportunity for a pop of another color. You can find the lined hood tutorial here

Do you sew collegiate wear for your kiddos? Hopefully I'll have time for some Aggie gear before the season ends as well.
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