Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry Tour

Friday, June 10, 2016

The only thing I remotely enjoy about laundry is taking freshly pre-washed fabric out of the dryer that is ready to sew!!! That is what makes the blog tour just about perfect. We all have a great excuse to shirk the laundry pile and sew something new instead!! While others may go out and buy something in avoidance, we can make it!

I'm not quick when it comes to sewing. I like to take my time with pressing, finishing seams, and ensuring quality construction. After all, I'm creating laundry to last through a couple of kiddos. When I signed up for the tour, I opted to make a fresh sew. That is, I wouldn't resort to a quick standby pattern that I have made time and again. I needed to use a new to me pattern. I immediately knew I would use a Modkid pattern since I can trust the instructions and fit. The Modkid Bridget Dress is one I had yet to make, but was on my summer sewing list.

I started to track the time it took me to make this one, but I lost track after repeated interruptions from my children and a 30 minute phone call with my sister during what I had dedicated as sewing time. But, isn't that how laundry goes!?! A much needed phone call takes precedent, and the laundry gets pushed aside. At least that is how it works in my house.  

I would guess my total sewing time was around 2.5 hours. This actually beats my laundry time. I usually get things going in the morning. Then, I'll dump the dry clothes on my bed, so I have to fold them before I can get in bed.

Enough about laundry!! Let's talk about the Bridget dress! With the fitted bodice and soft shoulder strap, the Bridget is a great dress to get you through the hot summer months. 

The cute fold over pocket detail and racerback give this dress extra style.

One more advantage to leaving the laundry for later and sewing something new is we now have the perfect 4th of July dress ready and waiting!! Of course, that means I'll have to actually do the laundry between now and then. 

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