Floral Top Knot Romper

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I just have to start this post by stating that Gabriela of Chalk and Notch is one of those really kind people that you sort of know online, but you're really sure she's the very same way in real life. A while back, I won a prize as part of Sew Japan with Mie series. Part of the prize included the Chalk and Notch Fishtail Kimono Pattern which I already own and used for Project Run & Play. No big deal; I was trilled with the rest of the prize. Gabriela went above and beyond!! She sent me a copy of the Kimono pattern to share with a friend and offered to send her next pattern when it was ready. Are you kidding me!?!

It makes a pretty perfect romper I must say. I made a size 4 width with a size 5 length. Gabriela clearly explains how to adjust the sizing in the pattern. So helpful!

This isn't one of those super quick sews, but after sewing one, I know the next one would be much faster. Special details like the offset shoulder and front pleats take a little extra time, but make the final look is so unique. 

This busy floral print is fabulous, but hides some of those details. The pattern calls for light weight woven fabric. This vintage floral from my great aunt seemed like the perfect thing for a romper. I think it must be a voile. I can't tell you how soft it is! It isn't Liberty, but it certainly has that look and feel to it. 

The cuffs are separate pattern pieces that offer a great finish. I swapped out buttons for snaps to make the dressing a bit easier. I must say, she still needs a little help getting this one down over her shoulders. I guess it is going to take her a little longer to get some of those maneuvers down. 

I can still hear her saying, "This is my favorite pose, Mom." It's pretty fun when they get into the photo side of it all. 

I think all of the girls in the family officially want rompers now!

Make sure you check out the Top Knot Blog Tour too! So many great ideas! 

I also have to add a huge thank you to Rachel of Stitched Together. On our last visit, which we forgot to document with a photo, she passed on a few photography tips. I shot these in RAW for the first time and incorporated some of those tips. I'm so thankful to all those bloggers and friends that pass on nuggets of inspiration and pointers that help me grow in my creative endeavors!!
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