Waterfall Raglan and Hopscotch Skirt

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hey blog peps! It's been a while!!! In addition to the usual whirl and swirl of holiday activities, we have been preparing for a move. Sometime in January, hopefully, we will make the move from Mississippi to Texas, Austin more specifically. Yikes!! House hunting has presented its challenges so far, so keep us in your prayers. 

I'm alternating between sewing and packing in my spare time. When Gabriela of Chalk and Notch released the Waterfall Raglan, I knew I had to make time to sew. I almost never purchase and sew a pattern hot off the presses, because I always have a long list of items I'm wanting to sew. This time was an exception. I had to make one up!! This outfit was complete that week, but get photos and blogging about it took a tad bit longer. 

I love raglan sleeves, and the curved ruffle detail adds the perfect touch. The pattern comes in a top and dress version. I would normally lengthen the top to fit my daughter's measurements, but since I was pairing it with a skirt, the shorter length worked well. Had I intended this Waterfall Raglan for leggings, the additional length would have been necessary. I used Laguna knits from the Imagine Gnats shop in navy and citrus. 

I paired the top with a corduroy skirt made with the Oliver+S Hopskotch skirt. This is one of those patterns that I've had for ages, but had yet to sew. Hmmm, something old, something new, and something blue. ;)

Now, if it is quiet around here you know why!!
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