Tiny Dress in Blue

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I won a pattern of my choice from Straight Grain Patterns last March. I had until the new year to choose a pattern, and it was so hard that I waited until the last minute! I primarily deliberated between the Ishi, Berlin, and Tinny patterns. The Laure wasn't out yet!!

I made this dress a couple of weeks before our big move, no new sewing has taken place just yet unfortunately. Anyone care to come unpack boxes for me?!?

This Tinny dress is perfectly suited for Tandy. The twirl in the circle skirt is every little girl's dream!

The crisp butterfly collar sets this dress apart! There are eight collar options not to mention several sleeve and skirt options, so it would take a while to tire of making this dress. 

I was thrilled to finally use my Amy Sinibaldi Paperie fabric. This is one of those fabrics I use over and over again.

She's a big fan of this one! This cap sleeve bodice comes together pretty quick. I'll skip setting in a sleeve when I can!

 I really need to sew a bunch of these dresses to work on my invisible zipper technique. I flipped this one the first time through. Time to brush up on those skills!
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