Valentines Sweater Dress

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One of the fun things about Tandy wearing Avery's hand-me-downs is that I get a quick reminder of forgotten patterns. Even better, I know I already have the pattern traced or printed in the right size.

Tandy has declared this dress from my very early sewing days a favorite, so I thought I would recreate it. 

My friend Jenny had gifted this sweater knit to me, and I figured it was perfect for a Valentines dress. 

Here's my confession: My stripes turned out all wonky at the front bodice seam. Gasp!! First, I tried to just leave it, but in the end it bugged me too much. Then, I went to unpick the seam, and realized my thread essentially disappeared into the thick sweater knit. My solution is the giant bow to hide the lopsided seam! It certainly isn't subtle! 

The pattern is an old Onion pattern (20036) that I'm not sure you can find anymore. I do have one suggestion with a pattern like this. If you are sewing stripes and the skirt pattern piece has a rounded hem, I would square that bottom off. It just makes for a cleaner hemline.

Tandy is hiding something behind her back. Silly girl!

The back, unlike the front, has a very nicely aligned bodice seam. Why, oh why, do those pesky flaws happen only in the front!

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