Modkid Charlotte

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I have finally reached the end of my backlogged sewn items to blog!! There are new things in the works slowly but surely, but I can't post them quite yet. 

Avery wore the Modkid Charlotte in the photo above back in 2015 for a school Prairie Day. We had loaned it out to a friend for a while. Soon after getting it back, Avery came downstairs in tears while wearing the dress. She had left the ties handing down. When she kneeled down to pick something up, she stepped on a tie and ripped the dress. It turned out she considered this her favorite dress. I assured her I could make her another Charlotte dress, and we promptly started picking out fabric.

When she noticed this poplin from Mabel Madison, I commented that I couldn't decide if I like the wrong side or the right side of the fabric more. I had always like the chambray look of the wrong side. Avery suggested using both!

The bottom ruffle, tie and cuffs feature the right side of the fabric, and the bodice, skirt and sleeves feature the wrong side. The poplin was perfect for this dress. I love that it wrinkles so much less than quilting cotton after wash and wear. 

I actually made Avery the same size as the original dress, but lengthened the skirt a bit. It falls at a different spot, but the bodice and sleeves are a great fit. She just keeps getting taller!!

Now to decide if I salvage the original dress by making it a skirt or patch the bodice. I'm thinking it might make a cute midi-skirt!

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