Shorts and Roller Skates

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Avery just turned NINE years old!! She has been wanting roller skates for a while now, and she finally received a pair for her birthday. Now she only takes them off when she sleeps and showers! 

Nine is a hard age to grasp. I mean, she's halfway out of the house!! Yikes! Avery is kind, tough, creative, and determined. She's going to do great things in this world!

This top is a Japanese Sewing Book pattern. You can see the cover in this Instagram post. The construction is rather interesting. The bias that creates the straps continues down to cover the seam allowance of the curved bodice insert. I couldn't get this spot to lay as flat as I would have liked, but I do like the look of the ruffle sleeves. I ended up adding quite a bit of length to the pattern, so keep that in mind if you sew one up.

I paired the top with Oliver + S class picnic shorts. The fabric is from my great aunt's stash. It's maybe a tad bit thicker than a quilting cotton, but not so thick as a twill or denim. It looked like my aunt was in the process, at some point, of making a skirt or taking apart a skirt with it. Hard to tell which! 

I love the construction of these shorts!! I am trying to figure out the sizing though. She measures a 5 for the waist and a 10 for the length. I went with a straight size 7 to see where things would end up. I really like the fit, but for these to work for school next year, they would need to be longer. I haven't found a tutorial for lengthening this pattern yet, and the facings make it a bit tricky. I'm going to try to give it a go though. 

So far, year nine is the year of the roller skates! Hopefully it will cruise on by without too many bumps in the road! ;)
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