Blank Slate Valetta and Modkid Dakota

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ever since the Blank Slate Valetta pattern was released, I have envisioned making a coordinating set for my daughter and me using the Modkid Dakota. The lines are so similar that they make a great Mommy/Daughter combo.

There are distinct differences, such as the curved hemline of the Valetta, but it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy to be well coordinated. 

First let's talk about the Valetta. I made a straight size medium out of rayon plaid from Joann Fabrics and Crafts. The green is festive for the holidays without screaming Christmas, not that screaming Christmas is a bad thing. The Valetta has a V bodice construction where the Dakota creates an overlap. The instructions to use braided threads for the tassels cords creates a thin, delicate look I appreciate. The sleeves have a gather at the cap, and gather again at the cuff with a bow. I am a huge fan of several notches for setting in sleeves, so this is the one thing I would have liked to see in the pattern.

The back is a good bit longer than the front yielding great coverage. I didn't lengthen this pattern at all, but I did adjust the hemline. The original pattern has an even more dramatic curve up at the side seams. I didn't want the top to get too short for me at the sides, so I softened that curve line and extended the length at the side seams by 3/4". 

Since I posted a tutorial for a Modkid Dakota with tassels on the Modkid blog last year, I was all set to make this easy modification. I made these tassels with button weight thread, so they have a bit more flare to them. Avery preferred the softness of regular thread for the tassels. This top is size 8 with the size 10 length.

The Dakota top is on regular repeat around here. We both love the style! 

So, if you have been hoping Patty would make a Modkid Dakota for adults, or Melissa would make a Blank Slate Valetta for kids, I may have just found a solution!! Having an excuse for photos with my girl is an added bonus!!

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