Liberty Modkid Mara

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I knew the Modkid Mara would be a go to skirt pattern for Avery as soon as she tried on her first one. When I was in London over the summer, I picked up this Liberty twill print.

The horses, with a few unicorns thrown in, were just too perfect. I only purchased a half yard of this pricey fabric thinking I could make a pair of shorts. I love it as a skirt even more! With the limited fabric, I opted to omit the large front pockets. I also appreciate that the print is less broken up this way. The pockets normally form the front belt loops, so I simply made two more belt loops from the pattern piece used on the back and placed them at the front seams. New look with minimal effort! This would work just as well with the Teen Mara

When I showed this to my oldest she said she wished there were only horses and no unicorns. My youngest declared she wanted one with all unicorns. Not sure if that is an age or personality difference. They can be so different!

Grabbing a hammer to install the Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps brought the kids running in alarm, but the snaps were actually pretty satisfying to install.

She looks all grown up in this photo, but just wait..... 

Young and silly again!

I never know what I'm going to get when she strikes a pose.

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