Sleeveless Modkid Vivian

Thursday, May 24, 2018


There are a few times when I make something for my daughters and instantly declare I want it in my size. This dress is one of those!! Avery has gotten miles out of her original Modkid Vivian Shirtdress since it works so well as a tunic when it gets shorter. Tandy's Nightgown was equally well loved. 

I've seen this sleeveless shirtdress style show up all over the place in ready-to-wear stores, so I thought this would be a perfect pattern hack for the Modkid Vivian Shirtdress pattern. The full tutorial for altering the Vivian pattern to sleeveless and applying bias binding is up on the Modkid Blog today.

The inseam pockets provide the perfect opportunity to sneak in some color.

Avery is growing up fast! I can't believe we will hit double digits this year! She was a little keyed up as we took these photos, because a boy from her class has been calling her on my phone. Some of it is just excitement over getting her own phone calls, but Mom and Dad are scrambling to establish some guidelines. Sometimes there are best laid plans in parenting, and sometimes we are flying by the seat of our pants! 

The fabric for this dress is some sort of blue/gray polyester blend chambray from the stash I inherited from my great aunt. I think the structure of it worked out well for this style. It's interesting how the color shifts a bit in different light.

Avery first scrunched up her nose at this dress. When we put the belt in place, it was a whole different story. By the end of the night she was discussing styling ideas with cowboy boots. I like the way she thinks!!

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