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Thursday, June 21, 2018


I am a bit in shock over two things: 1) I sewed a swimsuit. 2) Avery turned 10 this week! Double digits are here to stay. As you can probably tell, Avery grows in the vertical direction only. Ready-to-wear pants and one piece swimsuits seem to be the biggest challenge for us to find. I decided to swallow my nerves and try sewing a swimsuit.  

Avery and I selected the Boo! Designs Squad Togs pattern to try, and I am so glad we did. The pattern is a classic style that works great for swim team or any other water play. The best part about the pattern is the thorough instructions on blending sizes. Avery fit a size 7 in width on the size chart and a 12 in length. I followed the instructions exactly, and we ended up with a suit that fits like a glove. 

Avery has already fully tested the suit in the water!! The only thing I will change for the next one might be to add a touch more length in the arms. The suit is a bit challenging for her to get over her arms and shoulders on her own. When I asked in the Boo! Designs Facebook Group, Kristie reminded me that the swimwear elastic will likely stretch a tad after a couple of wears, so she may not continue to find it difficult to wiggle into. I'm sure we can all relate to shimmying into a swimsuit every now and then!

The fun gold heart swimwear knit is from Finch Fabrics. We both love the weight, colors, and stretch in this fabric. 

When I made my last sunglasses purchase from Blue Planet, I discovered they also sell kids sunglasses. You know I love the Visualize Change program that enables a purchase with a purpose, so Avery got a new pair of shades for her birthday. (Grab some for yourself or your kiddo for 20% off with code Courtney20.)

The Boo! Designs Squad Togs pattern also includes slicing / color blocking ideas, so it will be fun to continue to play with this pattern. 

I'm happy to report a successful check on my sewing bucket list. Do you have any swimwear sewing plans for the summer? I'd love other pattern recommendations with great sizing adjustment instructions.

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