Modkid Frida With Club Havana

Friday, August 3, 2018

Creating this Modkid Frida was a bit of serendipity. Being an avid PDF pattern sewist means sewing with paper patterns is a change of pace. If you ever find yourself in a sewing rut, perusing your paper pattern stash might just be the spark that gets you going again. The serendipity came about because I had no idea at the time that Modkid was about to clear out the paper pattern inventory. So, if you are in need of growing a paper pattern stash to turn to now and then, grab a few at ridiculously low prices. 

This is my first Frida dress. The pattern comes with a top or dress option and two sleeve styles. I'm loving this side vent with tie detail.

The dress length with optional ruffle should fall just below the knee. An error on my part led to a longer length that Tandy insisted remain as is. She was a little picky about the fabrics too. I had originally picked the gold Club Havana Cross to go with the Navy Main print, but Tandy preferred the navy.  I'm convinced she made the right choice!

She also wanted me to be sure and capture this photo of her tucking her hair back. Sure thing cutie!

A minute later she was off to attempt a sneak attack on the ducks. 

What is your secret to branching out when you sew? Maybe you find yourself sticking to paper patterns only. It never hurts to alter your sewing style every once in a while. Have fun and be inspired!
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