Cherry on Top Ice Cream Float Party

Friday, November 2, 2018

Cherry on Top Ice Cream Float Birthday Party is quite a mouthful! What fun it was to plan, execute, and enjoy a party centered around coke floats and cherries! Let's dig in to oodles of photos and party details for Tandy's 7th birthday party.

Since making floats was Tandy's key component, the ice cream float station was the main event. Our chalkboard advertised the soda flavors.

The retro New York Seltzer soda bottles in varied flavors perfectly fit the style we aimed to acheive. This clear soda was a uniquely new experience for most of us. Have you tried it?

Our giant ice-filled galvanized tub housed the chilled soda and mason jars filled with pre-scooped ice cream.

At the dessert table, guests piled on float toppings and grabbed a colorful straw and spoon.


Speaking of dessert table, let's get right to it! A gingham backdrop and cherry oilcloth tablecloth really identified the space. Vintage decor helped add layers for display.

Root Beer Float Cupcakes where dressed up with paper straws and cherry sours.

Cherry on top cookies made their mark in keeping with my tradition to include themed sugar cookies at every party.

Everything looks better on a stick! I created jello push pops featuring root beer, ice cream, and cherry layers of jello. The push pop stand contained cherry sours for additional treats.

Filling in with decor added to the party details. The tall glass jar mimicked a float with shredding paper "soda", tissue paper "ice cream", and yarn pom pom "cherry". Honeycomb tissue balls and faux cherries continued the theme.

We held the party at a community park with a playground, but we had to include some festive activities as well. We were thankful for the covered pavilion with plenty of tables to spread out the crafts.

We provided stationary cards to decorate using wine cork stamps, paint, markers and sequins.

While the kids took another spin at the playground, we reset the craft station for soda jerk hats. Letter and cherry stickers along with crayons were available for creative fun. 

Covering a sports themed cornhole set my husband created with brown paper, allowed me to create an ice cream float bean bag game. The contestants could win cherry tootsie roll pops for a hole in one.

 Just in case there still wasn't enough sugar involved, we sent guests home with a little bag filled with soda and cherry gummies decked with tags that read, "Soda-lighted you came to my party!"

Be sure to learn all about Tandy's cherry dress here.

Tandy's 7th birthday party was a success despite major threats of rain and flooding. She loved the idea of a Cherry on Top party. When I suggested milk shakes, she quickly turned to coke floats. I loved bringing this unique concept to life for her!

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