Tabor V-neck

Friday, May 10, 2019

This Tabor V-neck is one of those makes, that I've hesitated to post. I don't really think there is anything particularly wrong with it, but I just don't find it all that flattering. That's a tough thing to admit when you sew. After investing time and fabric in a thing, I want to love it. If I were trying it on in a store, I would easily walk away, but it's not so simple with a handmade item. 

I don't feel like it is a pattern issue at all. Maybe it is more of a fabric and pattern version issue. The Tabor V-neck by Sew House Seven comes with 5 versions, but most of the details are interchangeable. I've sewn up version #2 with more of the cropped length of version #3. I'm really wanting to give version #4 a try in sweater knit for cooler weather. 

I've had this striped knit left over from a top I created for Avery in my stash for ages. The Tabor V-neck pattern includes 3 widths and styles for creating the v-neck. Who doesn't like options like those?!? This is the middle size neck band. 

So, what do you do with your not so favorite makes? I'll probably just relegate this make to one of those many stay-at-home summer days we are about to enjoy.
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