Shoreline Boatneck Dress with Tie Sleeves

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Just shy of one year ago I posted a tutorial for a fun bow sleeve tutorial over on the Melly Sews blog. For that version I sewed up a top in a dainty floral print. This striped dress version is more my style! I love the bold casual style of a striped knit tee dress. Highlighting a different look is the perfect way to bring the bow sleeve tutorial home at the end of this post.

The dress pattern is a slightly modified Shoreline Boatneck dress by Blank Slate Patterns. I mostly slimmed the pattern a bit in addition to adding the bow sleeve hack.

During a recent trip to Louisiana, we stopped on a walk to snap some photos next to this pretty magnolia.

During hot summers, dresses are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

Ready to add a bow to just about any t-shirt sleeve?!?

Bow Cuff Tutorial

To create the bow cuffs, cut 2 strips of knit fabric 4" x 42" with the stretch in the long direction. Sew up your tee according to the pattern instructions except do not hem the sleeves. Remember, we are adding the finishing touch here! All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

Next, measure the circumference of the sleeve (mine measured 14"). Mark the sleeve at the center opposite the underarm seam. Then, mark 1" to either side of the center. This section will remain unstitched when we add the cuff.

On the cuff, measure half of the sleeve circumference from the center fold and cut a 1/2" notch into the seam allowance top and bottom. For my example, I measured 7" from the center fold of the cuff to my notches.

Fold the cuff right sides together and cut each end at a 45 degree angle.

Stitch from the notch to the angled point at each end of the strip. Trim the seam allowances. The center length that will attach to the sleeve should be unstitched.

Turn the cuff right sides out and push out the points. Press well.

Pin the cuff right sides together with the sleeve starting with the center of the cuff at the underarm seam. Continue to pin around the sleeve. The notches should fall at the marks you made 1" from the top of the sleeve. Stitch the cuff to the sleeve from notch to notch with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Press the seam allowance toward the sleeve. Also, press the unstitched section between the notches to the wrong side. Topstitch the seam allowance all the way around the sleeve to secure. Tie a bow and you are good to go!

If you've made it this far, which version is your favorite, floral or stripe?
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