Esma Top by Blank Slate Patterns

Friday, August 30, 2019

I had the privilege of sewing and photographing the cover sample for the Esma Top by Blank Slate Patterns. As an added bonus, I was able to sew for and photograph a friend of mine. 

Tiffani is a wife, mother, author, encourager, and business builder. She is motivating women in every way she can, but particularly on Instagram. She is gaining confidence in this period of growth and passing it on!! She was gracious enough to share her talents with us through a photo shoot. 

She wears the Esma so well!! This sample was a dream to sew. The fabric is hemp/organic yarn dyed stripe from Imagine Gnats. They just restocked the fabric in the shop, and that plum is calling to me. The fabric is easy to sew, and lightweight enough for these super high Texas temps.

With vertical stripes, I didn't have to concern myself much with stripe matching. I did make sure to have the same double stripe at the center front and center back. The change in direction of the stripes at the sleeve cuffs makes an subtle contrast. For Tiffani's top, I shorted the length by 1/2" and did a sway back adjustment like the one here
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