Ghoul's Night In 10th Birthday

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tandy has hit the double digit milestone! For her 10th birthday, she wanted a small sleepover with two girls from her new school and to get her ears pierced with her neighborhood friend. Her wishes were granted! 

As soon as we arrived at the idea of a Ghouls Night In theme for the sleepover, I started scheming. Even for a party of 3, I couldn't resist diving into details.

The cake was by far my favorite creation. It was loosely inspired by this ghost cake by @cakemecarrie. Tandy's cake was a 3 layer oval, orange flavored cake with vanilla frosting, orange creamsicle if you will. The ghosts are created using candy melts smeared on wax paper with the back of a spoon, similar to these. The Boo topper was a last minute addition created with my Silhouette machine and a kabob skewer. 

Sugar cookies were another must have. The cutter came from Target, and I combined my own sprinkle mix. Again, I find inspiration elsewhere for just about everything. 

Target also came through with Halloween themed circus cookies and ghost peeps (Tandy's favorite of all the treats).

For the non-sweet snacks, we provided string cheese, cheese puffs, and mandarin oranges.

The ceramic ghosts were such a fun find at Home Goods. The smaller one housed a kitchen sink sponge, but we had a better idea. The black/white and pink pumpkins came from Target. They were out of orange velvet pumpkins, but my mom found some at Hobby Lobby. We painted the stems gold to coordinate better with the pink variety from Target. 

The fun bunting was cut from old book pages using my Silhouette machine. I created her shirt and dollar store pizza pan sign using a cut file from DetailsbyMe on Etsy

I printed and cut using the Silhouette software for the first time with these party favor tags. How fun are the glow in the dark ghost pop it's?!? I'm not sure I get the craze for every variety of pop it, but I am a fan of a cute one that is theme appropriate. 

 Happy 10th year Tandy!!
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