Painting Parasols

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I’m busy prepping for Tandy’s Mary Poppins Party, and a Mary Poppins Party would certainly be incomplete without a few black umbrellas. I’ve got a fun idea for these cocktail umbrellas, so I wanted to pop in to show you how easy it is to customize their colors.


Basically, I stuck the umbrella sticks in pre-punched holes in a box much like my tutorial for painting shower curtain hooks. This way I’ve prevented painting the umbrella stick, so I can still use the umbrellas for food or drinks.


If it’s a little quiet on the blog next week, you know I’m a busy bee behind the scenes. I’m hoping to have plenty of party details to come!


  1. Brilliant! I can see these coming in handy for tond of different parties and projects!


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