Sunday, February 22, 2009

Omie came to visit this weekend, so Avery maximized on play time. She is developing more of an attitude and "talking" more all the time. I think this photo captured both.
With Omie here, I was able to finish Avery's top to go with the pants I discussed in the last post. This is a great Simplicity pattern (#5118).
For those who remember this post, I'll share a bit more information as we discover it. One issue is that Avery has a small tear in her rectum. On adults this would be quite painful and usually requires surgery. For Avery, we need to work on softening her stool, and she should heal naturally. Sorry if this is too much information, but I asked for prayers so I thought I'd let you know more. The other appointment could potentially be more serious. We will be meeting with a pediatric neurologist in San Antonio next week. We feel this is largely precautionary, but we're going to listen to our doctor and get Avery checked out. As usual, I'll let you know as we find out more.
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