Pretty Pony

Monday, June 29, 2009

As I headed for the front door today, I was a bit peeved since the door bell woke Avery from her nap. My displeasure quickly dissipated when I saw the UPS guy with a long box. You see, I entered a contest over at Dark Horse Farm Designs blog not long ago and won! All I had to do was comment about some sort of horse story. Well, I had plenty to choose from. Oh, those good ole junior high days. Yes, I will probably be embarrassed by these later.

Look at this pretty pony I won!! I can't wait until Avery's old enough to play with it (not that I'm in a hurry for her to grow up.)
Huge thanks to Nancy Geaney!! Check out her other fun blog. I wish the dorm on a drawstring bags were available when I was in school.


  1. I LOVE your pictures! Priceless! And happy b-day to Avery, Your blog is lovely and I will come back to visit soon. Enjoy the pony, and when Avery gets a bit older (my kids were in their teens) you can start riding again, too!

  2. The pictures bring back fond memories! What fun winning the adorable stick horse! Now I need to read the story you submitted!


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