Miles of Shopping

Monday, September 28, 2009

I had two days of shopping bliss in Warrenton over the weekend. The first day I headed out with my friend Kelly, but did not manage to take any pictures. I did a bit better with the camera on the second day with my Mom and second cousin Renae. Here is a little tour of some of my favorite spots. Starting with Buy, Buy Birdie, a hippie pink wonderland.
They had the corner of cupcake paradise.

And a bunch of painted boots.
We snacked on the real deal at Sisterbelles. These sweet ladies made some great cupcakes! I love their logo and tag line, on a wing and a prayer.

You can't go to Warrenton without stopping at Junk Gypsy's a couple of times. I didn't get any pictures inside since they seemed to be doing a photo shoot both days. They are frequently featured in Country Living, so I'll be keeping an eye out for a new article.
I loved all of the shabby Christmas decor, but at $300+ I had to leave this beauty behind.

Clearly we indulged our sweet tooth a bit much, but I couldn't let my Mom and cousin go without a taste of a fried Twinkie.
I missed the fun opening of Clutter on Friday when they serve wine and cheese. I did enjoy their lovely display of totes.
Here is the wacky item of the weekend. You just never know what you're going to see out there.
I'll take pictures of my treasures as I get them unpacked, so there will be more to come.

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