Treasures and Projects

Monday, September 28, 2009

We found these little gems for Avery at the Buy, Buy Birdie tent. The first day they didn't seem to want to sell them off of the mannequin, but we persisted. They came home with us the next day. Hopefully, we'll be in a town with a bit more of a rainy season next year, so Avery can put them to use. I have a feeling she'll have some fun in them with or without the rain. And, yes that is a glittery surface. Perfect!I couldn't pass up these owls. The mid-sized brown one is an old cast iron door stop. The funny thing about him are the price tags. The one on the bottom is for a whopping $115, the one on the top is for $40, and we paid $10. Seems like a bargain to me.I found the little guy at Junk Gypsy.Okay, now for the projects. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but maybe this will make for a more dramatic before and after reveal. I was hoping to find one mannequin on this trip to embellish, but I came home with two. I just liked the one I found the next day better plus it already had a stand. I have some plans for these kiddos involving modpodge and paint. Then they'll be ready to display some sewing creations. If anyone has any great ideas, please send them my way. I think I'll make a cute wreath with the metal Christmas banner. I found a couple other small items not really worth sharing and a gift or two. I can't wait to get started on those projects, but I know it will be a bit before anything happens. Wish me luck and inspiration!

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