Omie Omie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avery loves playing with this lion toy that is on loan from one of my mom's friends.
Speaking of my mom, she has been debating what her grandmother name should be since before Avery was even conceived. I think this weekend, it was finally settled. My father insisted on sticking to his German heritage with the name of Opa. Since my mom couldn't decide, we went with my Great Grandmother's twist on the German name, Omie. Well, as soon as my mom pulled in the driveway this weekend it was Omie Omie this and Omie Omie that. Avery didn't seem to have any intention of only saying the name once. Of course, it actually comes out Owie Owie, but who's keeping track. Omie Omie wasn't allowed a moment of peace all weekend (not that she really wanted one). Here's Avery pulling on her leg while she's trying to brush her teeth.

Don't go Omie Omie!


  1. Omie, that is cute. My dad is Poppy and my mum is Moppy LOL. Mum's name started out as a joke and has stuck, I think she secretly loves being called Moppy. Love your mum's pj pants, did you make them?

  2. This little darlin is the light of my life. We make a pretty good team! Who could refrain from spoiling her? Omie

  3. Vik, I did make the pj pants. See my post here Thanks for your sweet comments.


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