Terrific Tunic

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aunt Bebe gave Avery this Emily Bell Sleeve Tunic pattern to congratulate her on walking. It is so much fun being able to see and show Todd's family how Avery is growing up via a web cam and Skype when they live so far away. This is a unique pattern by Sis Boom and Carla Hagemen Crim. I can appreciate Carla's blog name, The Scientific Seamstress. It's funny to think of a scientific, or engineering background in my case, translating into useful skills for sewing. The collar was the only tricky part, but the instructions are great. I used a combo of Jennifer Paganelli and Sandi Henderson fabrics. I'll be making more of these.
I caught Avery in her cupcake coat in action the other morning. Of course, by 9:00 am it was already t-shirt weather again.
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