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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

During one of my visits with Jenny of Sew Pretty Dresses, she introduced me to the lovely Corie of Banberry Place. I actually got to visit her home; the front rooms of which hold the goods for her wonderful online store. Jenny and I lingered around the beautiful European fabrics, and sat on the floor flipping through pattern books for a couple of hours. (Did I tell you how nice Corie is!?!) Between and awesome sale Corie was running and the inspiring friends, I was convinced to buy one of the Bizzkids pattern books. For the last few months, I would stare at the lovely pictures wondering where to start. You see, the patterns are all European. There is an English translation for this one, but it is of the British variety with terms like counterpart, ruche, and extra seam space extrude. (The sale included another book for free, but this one doesn't have even a hint of English) Finally, I just dove right in. I couldn't resist the thought of Avery in a twirly dress like this. Now I want to make a zillion more!

Bizzkids 4104

This pattern is from the Summer 2009 Issue, pattern  4104.
First Bizzkids

First Bizzkids 2
Jenny also contributed the fun Andalucia fabric by Patty Young. Thanks for all the inspiration ladies! Jenny and I are hoping to tackle some of the more difficult patterns together at some point. I'm sure we'll be sharing the process.
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