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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer in several of the children's groups in the Bible Study Fellowship class Avery and I attend in Memphis. Let me share a bit about my morning. I started with playtime with the toddler class (I think these are late ones / early twos). Their schedule for the morning included playtime, story time, hymn time, snack time, etc. This class ended up being small, so they moved me over to the two year olds (not Avery's class though). Here I joined with them singing Trust and Obey, hearing a story time about Paul and Silas, marching with instruments, praying for and enjoying snacks, and learing about the gift of Jesus. I LOVED experiencing some of what Avery's class would be like. This is way more than a nursery. There are wonderful seeds being planted in these hearts. As we took these kids to the bigger play room, I moved over to help with the littlest babies. Unfortunately, I just missed their story time, but I enjoyed playing with these babies knowing how they were loved and prayed over in this room. I am so grateful for the amazing leaders who dedicate their time to all of these precious children.

If you are interested, you can find out more about Bible Study Fellowship here and locate a class here. This year we are involved in the study of Isaiah. Avery and I drive over and hour to Memphis to attend our class, so it is well worth it.

My heart overflows for this sweet girl and all the hopes and prayers I have for her to find true salvation in Jesus Christ.


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  2. Whoops! Try this again!
    Have we talked about BSF? I have no memory of talking about it. I am in BSF too! I love the study this year! Love Isaiah! My son was a part of the children's program. It makes me sad that my daughter is not a part of it. I have completed all the studies except for the first few weeks of John. I was in leadership for a while before having kids.

  3. BSF is so great. I am a leader in the school program at night. I teach senior high. It is amazing what the kids do in those classes too from 1st to 12th grade. Isaiah has been hard but so good. We used to have leaders in our day class that drove almost 2 hours both days. Now that is dedication. Your daughter certainly is having seeds planted in her heart and mind through your loving family and other studies! Keep it up.


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