Fiesta Birthday–Part 1

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boy, do I have party pics to share with you! One day + two parties = Fun! I’m starting with the details and I’ll save the fun for last. The desserts held center stage (besides the birthday girl of course!)


I had to join the growing trend of using cake push pops for a party. These were a hit, and they turned out so festive with the multicolored layers!

Davis Birthday_006

The kids seemed pretty tickled to be able to eat blue popcorn from this fiesta mix.


We kicked off the activities with a little maraca craft.


And, my parents happened to find a Texas sized Pin the Tail on the Donkey to add to the festivities.

Davis Birthday_023

The guests left with bubble and personal piñata goodies.

Davis Birthday_016

The idea for the piñatas came from One Charming Party.

Davis Birthday_020
Davis Birthday_021

Okay, I just had to sneak in one picture of my favorite birthday girl!

Davis Birthday_104

As the last guest exited the house, the clock started ticking. One hour for a “slight” set change and party number two would take place. Stay tuned……


  1. Gosh you throw amazing birthday parties! You go Courtney! Happy Birthday Avery! You are growing up so fast!

  2. This bday party is fabulous! Looks like a fun time! Newest follower! Come check out my blog,


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