Fiesta Fun for the Little Ones

Monday, June 20, 2011

Before I move on to the big kid party, I need to address the special time Avery had with all her friends. Here is some merry maraca making.

Davis Birthday_028

When we talked to Avery about her party, she would always bring up the cake, candles, and everyone singing her happy birthday. This was the big event for her!

Davis Birthday_092

I didn't know how 3 year olds would handle the pin the tail on the donkey, but I do believe all were entertained.

Davis Birthday_133

They actually enjoyed cheering each other on as much as the actual pinning. (Peeking was not at all discouraged.)

Davis Birthday_137

Gogo provided excellent assistance with the present opening, and Avery was actually thrilled to share paper ripping responsibilities with her friends.

Davis Birthday_183

She also happily shared party favor bubbles to all who would receive.

Davis Birthday_235

All in all, it was one happy day for our beautiful 3 year old!

Davis Birthday_035

All photos are courtesy of our friend David Deas.
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