Fiesta Fun for the Older Crowd

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Matt and Mary Jo made the drive from Memphis with their little ones to attend both parties. Thanks party peeps! Most of these photo props Mary Jo scored from a previous party.
Davis Birthday_290

The happy birthday boy and girl.

Davis Birthday_303

I wasn’t kidding about keeping those margaritas flowing!

Davis Birthday_339

Todd’s dad couldn’t be convinced to use any of the props, but we did capture a great smile.

Davis Birthday_343

These are Todd’s best buds, Matt (on the left) and David (on the right). David is the photographer behind most of the pictures I’ve been able to post. He rocked!


I had to share this one, but the work crew shall remain nameless. Incognito is how they roll anyways. Sorry boys, I don’t think these disguises would fly out on the streets!


That just about wraps up this crazy fiesta day!
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