Fiesta Birthday–Part 2

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As I mentioned, at the end of the 3 year old fiesta party we had one hour to transition the scene to the 40 year old fiesta party. Since the day Avery was born, Todd’s birthday has played second fiddle to Avery’s. This year I wanted to do justice to the milestone birthday. (It’s a bit unfortunate that all this coincided with me being pregnant, but somehow my energy maintained.)

Davis Birthday_258

Margarita cupcakes complete with lime cookie slices and a sugar rim fit the occasion.

Davis Birthday_263

The chili pepper cookies were all sweet, but hinted at the spice of the night.

Davis Birthday_261

The sangria called to me all night, but I certainly refrained.

Davis Birthday_266

The salsa bar sported everything from spicy to fruity.

Davis Birthday_272

Davis Birthday_276

Davis Birthday_277

My mom kept the special recipe margaritas flowing through the night. By the way, tissue paper flowers are about the easiest and cheapest party decoration around.

Davis Birthday_282

Davis Birthday_286

Just gotta love my 40 year young macho man!


More festive photos to come!!
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