Dedication Weekend

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sometimes we’re just not the greatest planners. When we set the date and gave Tandy’s grandparents a weeks notice that we would be having her dedicated at church this past Sunday, we didn’t know if we would get a big showing. We should never doubt the lengths our family will go to show their support!! (Sometimes, I think they are just looking for the excuse to visit too!)

We had a long weekend with Omie and Opa.


Avery had some serious bonding time with Opa. I’m not sure how many variations of doctor/patient role play they went through, but they managed to come up with quite a few new ailments that needed tending.


Gogo and Gramps made the trip to join in our celebration as well.


Todd and I realized that we hadn’t fully communicated with our pastor about the timing of the dedication about 2 minutes into the service. We had assumed it would happen at the beginning, so we kept Tandy and Avery in the sanctuary rather that taking them to the nursery. Well, they ended up doing the ceremony at the end of the service, and our girls managed to perform like angels during the long service. I’ve never seen Avery sit so still for so long. Gramps must have a miracle lap!


We are so grateful that God placed Tandy in our little family. We hope to honor Him in our efforts to love, train, and lead Tandy as she grows.

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