Bittersweet Blackberries

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here’s a little story about how the best of times turned into the worst of times.

One of the local farms had a family night Saturday night where families were invited to pick blackberries, dig for potatoes, and join in a pot luck BBQ. Despite the lack of organization for the event, we really had fun with the picking part. Avery proved to be an excellent berry picker, and Todd enjoyed the challenge of finding as many berries as possible even though it was a bit early in the season.



Tandy enjoyed the outdoors and gave me a workout carrying her around the whole evening.


Half of the potatoes that were harvested where donated to a food bank.


The BBQ part of the event was barely getting started as things were supposed to be closing down for the evening, so we opted for a late run by Wendy’s on the way home. Even that part didn’t dampen our spirits.

Fast forward to the next morning, Todd and I are COVERED in chigger bites. They were a bit irritating Sunday, but then Sunday night left us unable to sleep. I have not itched this bad since I got hives from some bee stings. We have tried the most bizarre remedies suggested from butt paste to nail polish to Listerine. This morning I was dealing with a Benadryl hangover to top everything off. I’ve frozen our precious blackberries in hopes that when we enjoy that delicious cobbler this torture is a distant memory. The only positive light in this aftermath is that we actually sprayed our daughters down in bug spray (somehow forgetting ourselves). I am so grateful that they are not suffering one bit!! For now, I’m off to soak in some sort of medicated bath.

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