Rainbow Glittered Unicorns

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Since about a week after her last birthday party, Avery has talked about having a unicorn party. She doesn’t talk about turning four, just about a unicorn birthday. I can’t even tell you where she got the idea from, but I’m doing my best to oblige. It really isn’t the easiest of themes!

Last month I started a search for unicorns and came up with these. Some are from eBay, some from thrift shops, and one from Goodwill. I did not pay more than $4 for any of them, and most were $2.


I decided they needed something to tie them together since they are all different materials and styles. I’ve opted for a rainbow color scheme, so I decided to create rainbow unicorns. These are the materials I used: glitter, spray adhesive, and Polyurethane clear gloss finish.


Each unicorn took two to three coats of glitter. I would spray a section of the unicorn then dust it with glitter allowing drying time between coats. A final coat of the Poly sealed up the glitter pretty well. None of them are perfect, but I like the feel for a kid’s party.


I kept the tall unicorn from the first photo as is since it was already rainbow colored, and the rocking orange unicorn didn’t make that first photo (in case anyone was wondering about the discrepancy.) The purple unicorn is also a bell. I may see if Avery wants to keep him as a memento, but the rest I think I will try to sell after the party if anyone else happens to need unicorn décor. I’ve posted a couple other snap shots of décor projects on my facebook page. Stay tuned for more….

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