Shabby Chic Pumpkin Birthday Party

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh what a party we had!! The weather tried to dampen our spirits, but we managed the chill in the air just fine. Friends and family surrounded sweet Tandy, and helped us celebrate her first year. There were so many details that went into this one that I can’t wait to share, so let’s get on with it!! Pumpkins and Roses marked the theme of the day, and you can find most of my inspiration on my Pinterest board. I tried to put my Sweeter Than Cupcakes spin on it all.


There were plenty of desserts to choose from. Cherry flavored rose cakes, pumpkin pie push pops, pumpkin pie in jars, orange cream straws, rose sugar cookies, and lollipops. I’ll be showing you my shortcut for the rose cookies soon. The lollipop idea I found here.


A few snacks to balance out the sweets.


I saw a similar idea for these using shaped cheese balls, but I like this simplified version even better. Omie had to bring the cheddar Babybel cheeses from Texas since I couldn’t find them locally. Gogo brought together my vision, and plated it beautifully.


Specially touches for the birthday girl.



I saw the idea for a trail mix bar on Pinterest too. I thought it was a great favor to mix and match for the littles on up to the adults. Here is where I used that snack bag tutorial. We also had cute buckets with chalkboard labels and striped paper bags to fill up.


Here is our hay bale kiddy table complete with ribbon tent.


The birthday girl was a bit timid with her cake with everyone watching, but she did try to dive in at least once.


I found a fun pumpkin lantern craft kit at Oriental Trading Company. Be warned; however, the lanterns come to you white!


The kiddos munched, played, and crafted to their hearts’ content. The stacked can pumpkin toss was even more of a hit than I thought it might be.


All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate our girl who has blessed our world for a year.


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